Key Medical - Innovative Programs. Outstanding Customer Service. Key Medical Supply Inc. 10th Anniversary. 1998-2008
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Key Medical Supply Inc. 10th Anniversary. 1998-2008

Welcome To Key Medical Supply, Inc.

The first full-line product and service company focused exclusively on the residential resources community! Our products cover everything from first aid supplies to the equipment and supplies needed by the most medically fragile of your clients. We also carry a full-line of housekeeping products for your facility. One call, one delivery, for all your needs!

Our mission is simple: excellent service to our customers. It’s not any more complicated than that! Each member of our team, from the sales team to the delivery ambassadors, are trained on our products and can answer your questions. Of course we have specialists who can handle the more complex matters….. including your questions on Medicare, Medicaid, Waiver programs, Insurance coverage, and the new Medicare Advantage Plans and comprehensive HMO plans.

It’s a jungle out there in the health care world—let us help you tame it!